Mobile Testing

We test your applications on all the mobile platforms for its functionality and accuracy.

Mobile Testing Services

At Mtest Lab Limited, we take our responsibilities very seriously and provide a range of top-quality testing services to our clients who are active in the mobile development industry. Our understanding of the underlying technology and proficiency with various OS platforms provides us with a unique perspective on quality control issues related to mobile apps, while our internal testing lab meets all the necessary conditions for conducting reliable, scientifically valid tests.

To meet divergent needs of our various clients, our company offers several different types of app testing, each optimized for realistic situations frequently encountered in the global market. Here is a short summary of our offering

User Acceptance Testing

Developers often see their own products in a very technical way and sometimes fail to notice small imperfections that damage user experience without a good reason. Our tests can precisely identify the problematic elements and suggest logical alternative solutions that can soften the interaction flow and make the interface more pleasurable to use. A tiny change in the right spot can do wonders for user experience, with a corresponding spike in user loyalty.

Functionality Testing

Apps that fail to perform usually don’t last very long, particularly in an age where every software product is facing stiff competition. Thorough examination of app’s functions and their execution is very important for financial returns that can be expected from the product. Once again, it may be easier for a third party to capture any irregularities that could pop up at just the worst moment for the user – and you won’t find a more qualified party than Mtest Lab Limited.

Localization Testing

Mobile app industry is global and developers who have big plans in mind must think beyond national markets. However, optimising the application for foreign markets can be tricky, demanding special attention to be paid to quality procedures and proper adjustment of all key functionalities and interface elements. You want global audiences to view your app in the best possible light and can’t allow accidental errors to stand in your way. We deliver high quality localisation testing.

Mobile App Testing Training

As the mobile industry keeps advancing, new career opportunities are becoming available. Acquiring professional qualifications of a mobile app tester now could be a decision that pays off manifold down the road, since the demand for this type of expertise will only increase in the near future. We offer specialized courses in mobile app testing where all ambitious candidates can learn from the best and hone their skills on practical problems from the field.

Reasons for Mobile App Testing

Fast pace of mobile app production and marketing cycle doesn’t leave a whole lot of space for non-essential activities and regretfully many developers decide to cut corners on certain steps along the way, including testing. This can be a grave mistake that negatively affects app’s performance, detracts from user experience, and ultimately damages financial prospects of the product.

All this can be avoided if the app is properly assessed by professionals before it goes public, using the latest technology and proven methodology. Independent testing experts who were not involved with the original development team are able to see the app and its practical value with a cool head, putting the basic logic the app is based on to a reality check, and easily identifying weak spots that require additional work.

Our Roles

It is far more financially feasible to fix small bugs, data security vulnerabilities, and other potentially troublesome details well in advance of the launch. In some cases, the required changes could be very small and easily done, but in other scenarios the deficiencies will dictate a serious re-development or addition of large chunks of code. It is crucial that issues of this kind are spotted as early as possible, giving the app owner some time to react and save the project.

Hiring a professional company to do the heavy lifting in regards to app testing is the best way to stay ahead of the schedule and save some funds at the same time. This is the role that Mtest Lab Limited performs very well, complementing the development team in key areas and bringing state-of-the-art testing expertise to the table. Collaboration with our company can be the move that protects your product integrity, raises value of your brand and ensures that end users of the app will be 100% satisfied.

Testing Services Across the App Lifecycle

Manage every aspect of your app’s quality, starting with.

Functional Testing

Do your apps work in the hands of your users?

Load Testing

Can your apps handle the pressures of the real world?.

Usability Testing

Are your apps as intuitive to your users as you think?.

Security Testing

Are your apps protecting your users data?.

Localisation Testing

Are your apps culturally appropriate?.

UI Testing

We test your apps for the end user experience and interactivity.